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TH Marbella Spreaders (Set of 2)

TH Marbella Spreaders (Set of 2)

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Why you'll love it

The Marbella™ Hand Crafted Metal and Travertine Spreaders are a beautiful and functional addition to any cheese board. This set of cheese spreaders is handmade from sustainable travertine and metal in India. The natural colors and textures of the travertine make each cheese spreader unique. The Marbella™ cheese spreaders are the perfect size for spreading soft cheeses, and the metal handles provide a firm grip.


Quality Material

You’ll immediately notice the heft of the material when you pick it up.


Quality Material

Hold it in your hand to feel the smooth surface with just the occasional unique small crevices that convey the authentic quality of the material.


Perfect For Any Occasion

Packaged in a black gift box

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